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Purple Ink LLC
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400 N. Tustin Ave
Santa Ana, California 92705

excel realty
(925) 724-3149
7901 stoneridge dr #120
PLEASANTON, California 94588

Recent Articles

Buying Versus Building a Home: Which Is Cheaper?
Is it less expensive to buy or build a house? That's a question that many homebuyers have --whether their first-time buyers or looking for toward their next move. Considering that "buy-and-flip" investors are less active and many developers have slowed down a bit, you'll soon realize...
"What Does My Homeowner's Insurance Actually Cover?"
There’s quite a bit of misunderstanding about homeowner’s insurance and how much protection it offers you, the homeowner. Depending on the type of loan you have, whether conventional or government funded, you’ll be required to insure your home in case of a...
What You Must Know About "Rent-To-Own" Homes
If you've browsed home sale listings, you've probably seen ads for "Rent-to-Own or "Lease-to-Own" homes. These agreements are similar to traditional rental contracts. However, they also give you an option to purchase the rental home. Curious as to what renting-to-own involves or...
Housing Market is Hot in the New Boomtowns
Boomtown -a town undergoing rapid growth thanks to recent prosperity. It was not that long ago that we saw a migration of businesses moving operations overseas or across the border to Mexico due to the cost of running a business. Now, we’re seeing something similar with renters...

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