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Recent Articles

Beyond Your Credit Score: How The Property Affects How Much You Can Afford
When talking about the affordability of a home, the focus is usually on how much you qualify for, your income, and your monthly bills. But did you know that the property itself also affects how much you can afford? Even homes that are priced the same and are in the same neighborhood can have...
Surprising Benefits of Buying a Home --Beyond Financial!
When talking about the benefits of owning a home, especially from a mortgage professional's point-of-view, you often hear about the financial upside of homeownership. While it's true that buying a home remains one of the most stable investments one make, there are many more advantages...
Severe Weather and Your Mortgage: What to Expect and How to Prepare
Across the U.S., severe weather is disrupting daily life. From hurricanes to heavy snow, torrential rains and flooding, cold snaps and other extremes seem to be affecting every corner of our country. Even if severe weather hasn't affected you directly, it serves as a reminder that we all...
Got Student Debt? Here's How You Can Buy A Home
When compared to past generations, the millennial generation is the most college educated. If you’re part of this group, you may recall being told that a college education is essential to career advancement and wealth. The final word on whether college was absolutely necessary...

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